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What Is an Annotated Bibliography? Check This Out!

Do you have homework to handle but you don’t know what to include in your bibliography? Many times, most students spend a lot of time researching their academic papers, but in the end, they forget to include a good bibliography for their work. As such, they end up submitting good paperwork but with a poor bibliography. This might result in low academic grades for such papers. If you are searching for a solution to this, we are for you!

What is an annotated bibliography? Are you searching for answers on what to include in your bibliography and how to present it? This article has all that you need to know for you to generate a great bibliography for your work. Going through it will provide you with answers and guidelines on how to present an excellent bibliography for your documents. Read on!

Want to Know How to Write an Annotated Bibliography?

Writing a bibliography for any paperwork can be an easy task if only you knew what to include in your work. First of all, a bibliography is a list of all citations for sources of information used in your paperwork, which has been generated and arranged in an orderly manner. If you want to know how to write an annotated bibliography, then here is a solution for you. You will have to include all the sources that you have cited in your writing. Also, you will include a brief text at the end of each citation that can either be descriptive or evaluative or even both regarding your cited source.

A Quick Take Through on an Annotated Bibliography Format

Writing any bibliography will require one to provide all the citations that have been included in their work. Some students may get confused or even frightened when they hear of such words as annotations. Let this not worry you anymore. As we have seen earlier, when writing such a bibliography, the writer will provide extra information regarding their sources at the end of each citation. As such, this places the reader in a good state to easily relate what is in the source with what is presented in your writing without necessarily having to go through it. Also, when following the annotated bibliography format, your readers can easily understand and conclude the reasons as to why you selected that source for your work. As such, this gives your tutor enough time to go through your work with ease.

Some students might get confused when writing down the bibliography. The basic fact is that different fields of academic studies use different styles to format their academic papers. The format in which the bibliography takes will vary depending on the writing styles used. This article will focus on three different formats or writing styles for bibliographies that are commonly used by students and how they can be generated. These are:

Format for APA Annotated Bibliography

APA is a style for writing documents that are commonly used by students who pursue social sciences as their academic field of study. When drafting a bibliography using this style, you must first generate all your in-text citations using APA style. Here, all the in-text citations will contain the author’s last name, which will then follow directly by the year of publication. These two are separated using a comma and placed inside a bracket. The APA annotated bibliography should contain all the in-text citations that have been presented in your writing. In the bibliography, you have to indicate the in-text citation first followed by the title of the work and then city or state of publication. In cases where the author’s name is missing, the title of your source will be indicated in the in-text citations to replace the author then followed by the year of publication. Remember, every in-text citation has to be included in the bibliography section. A brief text should then follow each citation.

Format for MLA Annotated Bibliography

Who uses MLA Style when writing academic documents? A simple answer to this is students from the humanity department. Here, the in-text citations are presented using the author’s last name followed by the page in which the information was derived. The MLA annotated bibliography will then include all the in-text citations which must be followed by the title of your source. The rule of indicating an additional text after your citations should remain for every bibliography that is annotated. Also, these texts should be descriptive or evaluative to your source.

Format for Chicago Style Annotated Bibliography

The Chicago Style of writing is for students from both the humanities and science departments. This style varies from the MLA and APA Styles in that it uses footnotes or endnotes as a way of citing sources. These two are expressed by numbers indicated in superscript forms to represent the cited texts/phrases or paragraphs that have been quoted in your writing. In the Chicago style annotated bibliography, all the footnotes should appear at the bottom of the page of your document that has citations. The endnotes should be placed on their page and named as notes after you have finished writing your document. This should be before the bibliography page. When citing a source using Chicago Style for the first time, you have to include:

  • The Author’s first name followed by the last name
  • The title of the work
  • Place of publication
  • The publishers’ name
  • Year of publication
  • The page from where your information was derived

After you have indicated all these, all other in-text citations from the same source will be represented by numbers indicated as superscripts after the quoted text.

Following the above-stated format can help you to generate your bibliography using the Chicago style. Alternatively, if you have challenges mastering it, you can request for an expertwriter who can quickly format your paper using this style of writing.

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