Best Tips for Writing an Essay Plan

June 12, 2019

Planning an essay is the first step in the process of writing it. Making it before starting to write the actual full-length essay is recommendable. It helps you stay focused on the thesis and proceed in the right direction as you begin the process of writing. To create an effective essay plan, you should pay attention to three main things:

  • The essay’s topic.
  • Its genre – comparison and contrast, argumentative, descriptive, or reflective etc.
  • The word count requirements.

How to Plan an Essay – It All Starts with Brainstorming

The first step is of brainstorming. Don’t just read out the topic of your essay, but write it yourself on a paper. This will help you internalize the topic and memorize it instantly. Now start over by noting down your thoughts on the subject in a draft. They reflect your preliminary understanding of the subject. Find the keywords in these notes.

Step-by-Step Process of Writing the Plan

Start the online search using these keywords. Find relevant material – articles, journal papers, and blogs read them, and make notes as you proceed. Here’s how to plan an essay using the notes you’ve made:

Write the introduction sentence. In this section, include points containing statistics and background information about the subject. Then write the thesis statement. This is arguably the most important statement in the essay plan sheet because the essay you write will revolve around it. The right way to develop is by orienting it around your perspective of the subject. Make the thesis brief – less than 170 characters, including spaces.

Next, make three different sentences from the thesis statement. Since you want to base the body of your essay on the thesis statement, it’s imperative that the topic sentences for all paragraph are derived from it. So the sentences you thus extract from it become the opening sentences of the three body paragraphs. If the teacher has a specific requirement for the number of body paragraphs, develop that many sentences from the thesis.

Of course, when you plan essay, you have to identify points that you’ll discuss at length in the actual essay. So now you have to start searching for points to include in each body paragraph. For that, find the keywords in the topic sentences and search online. Read the relevant material and write three to four points for each topic sentence. The points can be supporting facts and examples.

In the end, change the wording of your thesis statement in a way that it becomes a new statement with a different set of words but the same original meaning. That becomes the conclusion statement of your plan. Write either limitations or recommendations or both at the end of a plan. That’s what you will finish your actual essay with.

How to Develop a Strategic Plan Essay

Before discussing how to write this essay, it’s customary to throw some light on the concept of strategic planning. The strategy is an on-going process of organizational positioning in the market. The top management of organizations reviews its plan periodically and at defined intervals. The purpose is to find out the changing needs of the target market and evaluating the usefulness of the strategies adopted before. Organizations that do strategic planning get a competitive edge in the market.

To write a strategic plan essay, you have to identify the organization which it is about. Study its goals, mission and vision, products and services, and target market. Analyze the latest needs of the target market of the business. Do the SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the organization in light of the dynamic market conditions. Review the past strategies used by the organization to address the needs of its target market. Identify loopholes and weaknesses in them and suggest possible ways of improvement.

As you start writing the actual essay, find out the relevant background and historic information about the organization. Derive your stats from credible sources. Mention all the references in the end.

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Please don’t underestimate the requirement of making a good plan. It sets the structure of your whole essay. If you don’t have enough time to practice writing a plan based on the above tips, you can get the services of our expertwriter. Place your order.

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