Can Essay Be Written in First Person? Yes, It Absolutely Can

July 10, 2019

First person essays elaborate on the experiences of the writer. They are written in a way that the readers can feel the details as if they are experiencing them personally. First person essays discuss how the writers’ experiences influenced their thought process and educated them. It’s like taking the readers on a journey with the writer.

“How can essay be written in first person?” Certain basic rules should always be respected to have the emotions and thoughts to proceed in the correct direction. They include:

  • Selecting an important experience to discuss.
  • Making the initial draft or outline.
  • Keeping a narrative style of tone.

How to Write a First Person Essay – It All Starts with a Good Topic

First person essays are narrative or reflective essays. To write one, you need first to have a good experience to talk about. While the topics are endless, you should opt for an experience that has interesting details in it. Of course, the essay will only be as engaging as the details of your experience. Some good topics, including traveling, nature, relationships, and events.

The topic you select for your essay in first person can be touching or funny. If you can’t decide the topic of your essay, ask yourself how you become happy or sad. Once the topic of your essay has been finalized, the next step is to prepare the initial draft.

How to Prepare a Good Outline for Your Essay in First Person

Your essay’s outline marks the initial step towards the development of a focused piece of writing. Take some time to reflect on the experience in a quiet and calm place and let your ideas and emotions flow naturally. Don’t worry about the roughness or informality of your first draft because it will anyway be improved later.

As you write down the points for the outline, think about places, events, and people. A good first person essay is one in which the writer has explained the context so well that the readers can understand the logic behind his/her decisions in the given situations. It’s fine to pause while developing the initial outline. Keep your thoughts focused on the goal.

A very important thing to do is to take breaks. After writing the initial outline, close the notebook and engage yourself in some activity. Revisit the outline after several hours. You’ll be able to identify the unnecessary details that you can then omit.

Tips for the Best Tone and Style for Your First Person Narrative Essay

The voice and style should be such that makes the readers relate to your content. The tone has to be conversational. Such a tone has four basic elements – it’s:

  • Personal
  • Understandable
  • Revealing, and

As the protagonist of your first person narrative essay, you are free to share the relevant details of your personal life with the readers. Make the writing interesting with the use of descriptive language and intriguing details. It should be entertaining and appealing rather than looking like a scientific report. Reveal sufficient background information to help the readers make sense of the story.

Can You Use First Person in an Argumentative Essay? It Depends

Generally, formal argumentative essays aren’t written in the first person. You have to prove your stance with research, statistics, and scientific data. Using first person language in them makes them more narrative and casual rather than formal.

“Can you use first person in an argumentative essay to share your personal experience of the subject?” Yes, if the prompt requires discussing your personal experiences and opinions in the argumentative essay, you can use first person language. When you do that, you write a portion of the whole essay in the first person – the one where you describe your personal opinion or experience. The rest of the essay is written in the third person language.

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