What You Need to Know About Controversial Essay Topics

July 15, 2019

Writing and controversy go hand in hand. Although this is mostly true when writing for entertainment, it also applies to assigned writing in high school and college. Your instructor may test your ability to sustain an argument by asking you to write an argumentative essay. Your argumentative skills will be further tested by letting you choose one out of many controversial essay topics. When given such a task, how do you handle it successfully?

Such topics are best written from the point of interest. It is much easier to research and write about a controversial topic that you are interested in. It is also vital that the topic you choose should be debatable; otherwise, you will not have much to write about.

How to Write a Controversial Essay in 5 Simple Steps

To come up with a quality essay on any controversial topic, you must follow these five steps:

  • Identify the right topic for your essay

Students trying to figure out how to write a controversial essay must figure out where their interests lie. This is the most basic requirement which makes writing such an essay quite manageable.

The right controversial topics for essay have a real impact on the world and are relevant to current events.

  • Do thorough research

It is important to identify reliable sources of information. Experts write these in the field you have chosen. It can also be a publication from reputable firms that deal with the subject matter. In an era of fake news, one cannot be too careful when choosing which sources of information to rely on.

  • Prepare an outline for your essay

Once you have gathered enough material for your essay, you should note it down in an organized manner. The best way to do this is by using an outline that has content for the start, middle, and end of your essay.

  • Stick to the TEEL structure

Once you start on your essay, each paragraph must be precise. Following the TEEL structure, the paragraph starts with a topic sentence. This sentence states your main argument. Next is an explanation that gives more details on your claim. Then you provide evidence to support your claim, along with a reference acknowledging the source of your evidence. Finally, you will include a link or summary of the main idea and why your evidence supports it.

  • Proofread

No matter how good a writer you think you are, your work should definitely be proofread. This will ensure it does not have any grammar and sentence construction errors.

12 Good Controversial Essay Topics to Choose From

An argumentative essay would require you to make a claim and support your view using reason and logic. These controversial argumentative essay topics would be a great starting point in your search for the best essay:

  • Gun control – should more legislation be put in place?
  • Marijuana legalization – do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks? Does outlawing its use only create a large black market?
  • Sugar tax – should the government place added tax on sugary drinks?
  • Nuclear weapons – should they be outlawed all over the world?
  • Should there be a law requiring restaurants to include calories for each item on their menus?
  • Prostitution – should it be legalized?

A persuasive essay, on the other hand, would rely on personal opinion and emotion to prove each point. When writing such an essay, you should choose a position that appeals to your reader’s morality. These controversial persuasive essay topics might be an excellent fit for you:

  • Animal testing – is it necessary?
  • Child labor – should consumers purchase items from countries that have not banned child labor?
  • The death penalty – do criminals deserve to die?
  • Immigration – do immigrants deserve the same rights as a country’s citizens?
  • Social media – is the world lonelier than ever since the advent of social media?
  • Adoption – should adoptive parents be given maternity leave?

All of these are good controversial essay topics that elicit a lot of debate. You may choose to agree or disagree as long as you provide enough evidence to back your position.

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