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June 10, 2019

We live in a world where lecturers have to grade so many papers. Which means that when they evaluate your essay, the first opening sentence has to make a lasting first impression. Submit a paper with a boring, error-filled, and vague introduction, and your teacher is likely to have trouble analyzing the content until the last sentence. Besides, the message you are trying to convey will not be precise, which can translate to you getting a low grade.

A well-written essay introduction has to be engaging enough to convince the reader that your content is relevant and has something worthwhile to offer. Furthermore, your teacher can use the first few sentences to gauge your writing style, the logic of the argument, and how you express your thoughts. Therefore, every student that wants to excel in their academics must master the art of writing a good opening paragraph that will hook the reader.

How to Write an Introduction Paragraph for an Essay Worth the Highest Score

No student wants to spend hours researching from different sources, compiling references, and writing an essay only to get low grades because of the wrong opening. Therefore, you need to know how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay that will impress the teacher. The trick to writing a great starter is first to understand the topic that you want to highlight in your writing then create topic sentences.

Then you need to include three necessary components in your introduction: a hook, thesis statement, and supporting sentences. A hook which can be in the form of a thought-provoking question, engaging anecdote, or unique quote, works to attract the reader’s attention. A thesis statement states the purpose of the essay while supporting sentences link the thesis and hook.  A thesis also provides a map for your content and summarizes important points. So keep your thesis statement clear, and straight forward.

While your opening can have one or two paragraphs depending on the length of your assignment, each essay introduction paragraph must have a topic sentence.

With a road map to follow, your reader will know the main points to expect in the composition. Conclude your introduction with a thesis statement and make sure it reflects the goal of the essay and takes a clear position about the topic. Most academic papers tend to require a formal language and tone, so stick to that unless requested otherwise.

Did you know that you can use the first sentence of your introduction essay to incite interest and hold the attention of your professor? Your teacher knows a lot about the given topic or subject. Therefore, even if the matter in question is popular and has been written so many times, for you to impress your teacher and get good grades, you have to find a unique angle or add something new.

No rule says you have to start writing your introduction first. So, if you feel stuck, try drafting the body first as it can help reveal the main points to use in your opening paragraph. You can review your introduction as many times while writing the body, make sure that it gives background information about the topic and answer any question that the reader might have when they come across your thesis statement.

In short, your introduction in an essay should act as a sales pitch and grabs your teacher’s attention. It should also present the topic, explain its relevance, state a thesis, and outline the main points. Remember to provide an overview of your findings to help the reader understand better your argument.

The final step to writing an excellent first part is to edit. Spelling and grammar errors, as well as typos and flaws in logic, can make the message unclear or leave your reader feeling confused. Therefore, the trick to making your introduction better is effective editing. Prune long sentences and ensure the paragraphs connect.

Can’t Write a Perfect Intro? We Can Help

By following the correct structure and using the right hook, you can present an introduction that will impress your professor. If you are unsure about how to write good essays or what to include in your opening paragraph, then let our experienced expertwriter help you. We ensure that you submit an academic paper worthy of praise.

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