How Long is a Dissertation for Postgraduate Candidates?

June 10, 2019

Do you want to know the average length of a dissertation so that you can plan your time wisely? A dissertation is one of the longest academic papers that a postgraduate will have to submit before they can graduate. Besides, writing a high-scoring dissertation requires a student to carry out extensive research from different sources and carry out an in-depth analysis of the topic. The whole process takes hard work and consumes a lot of time; no wonder students find this assignment challenging.

Since this paper is time-consuming and will require a postgraduate candidate to write many pages, it is common to hear many ask how long is a dissertation? The number of words to write will vary depending on the type of dissertation, course, and university requirement. Many horror stories have come up as a result of this document’s excessive page lengths. However, the truth of the matter is, depending on the subject or topic, a single chapter can be 10-40 pages long. But, the amount of pages you write does not equate to the score.

Maximum and Minimum Dissertation Words To Have In Your Document

Most students are fixated on knowing how many words should a dissertation be before writing. This may be because they equate the page lengths to quality of work or want to ensure that they do not exceed the word count. Some education institutions go by word limit rather than the number of pages and vice versa. So it is critical that you know which criteria your school uses so that you can craft a paper that meets the current academic standards.

Knowing the number of words to have in your document will help you create a plan for your paper and will ensure that you do not deviate away from the topic. The expected minimum dissertation words are to allow you to put enough effort while the maximum works to prevent you from adding unneeded extraneous details. In some cases going over the word, the limit will not result in any penalization, but the purpose of the strictness is to help the student design the structure of their paper.

If you feel like your topic is too broad and have a hard time narrowing down your dissertation to a specific word count, then get help from an expertwriter who is experienced at writing these types of assignments. That way, you can be confident that they are submitting a document with the right standards.

How Many Words is a Dissertation and What to Include?

As a whole academic paper, the actual length of a dissertation depends on the background knowledge that you have concerning the chosen topic. The following are points to guide you when writing this important academic paper.

  • The time to allocate for this document also depends on your schedule and how much time you can spare to work on each chapter. The more the words required, the more time you will need to allocate for each section. In general, writing a dissertation takes 12-18 months depending on how much time you will take to collect research data, and you can write up to 200 pages more or less.
  • Wondering how many words is a dissertation? Well, no content is a one size fit all. The length will depend on various factors, including your department preference and rules of your institution.
  • The best place to get an answer is to look at several recently approved projects from your department and in your field of study as well as your dissertation handbook or template and use the information to create a rough page count for your dissertation.
  • Whether your instructor has specified the number of pages to use or not, you should aim for a document that includes all the necessary details that will make it stand out and make a lasting impression.

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