How to Come Up with the Best Essay Title

June 10, 2019

A title is a very important short sentence. A strong title can improve the readership of your essay, manifolds. Likewise, a weak title doesn’t capture the interest of the audience enough to make them think about reading the essay. This is a detailed guide on making a good essay title.

  • Customize the title to the type of essay.
  • Make it concise and easy to read.
  • Be creative because the title should be expressive and interesting.
  • Insert relevant keywords in it for search engine optimization if you will upload your essay online.
  • Make it bold and don’t add a full-stop in the end.
  • If it’s possible, get the title approved by your teacher before starting to write the essay.

How to Title an Essay – Important Points to Keep in Mind

Writing the title of an essay isn’t as easy as it seems. One may think that it’s just a title, so writing it doesn’t involve much effort. But the fact of the matter is – suggesting the right title for your essay involves a structured thought process and consideration of a lot of things. Here are some points that you should always take care of while devising your essay’s title.

The Title Should Be Reflective of the Essay’s Type

The right title is one that reflects what genre the essay belongs to. There is a wide difference between the title of a narrative essay and that of a comparison and contrast essay. Even the tone of title changes from one essay type to another. You can keep a conversational tone while deciding the title of your narrative essay, whereas the tone has to be formal in the title of an argumentative essay. Few examples of title for essay along with essay types are as follows:

  • When I First Used the Internet – narrative essay.
  • How I Clean My Computer Disc – narrative essay.
  • Women Should Not Have the Right to Abortion – argumentative essay.
  • A Day in the Life of a Farmer – descriptive essay.
  • Treadmill vs. jogging – Pros and Cons – comparison and contrast essay.

Make the Title as Concise as Possible

The essay title page is just a cover page. You don’t have to make it descriptive at all. Don’t make it longer than 60 to 70 characters, including spaces. Use the active voice to write it. It will help make it brief as well. The title shouldn’t at all be hard to understand. Nobody likes difficult topics. So avoid using complicated structures and absurd phrases in your title. It’s advisable to have the same font for your title and the rest of the essay.

Use Your Imagination – Suggest Interesting Relevant Words

“How to title an essay using keywords?” One thing you must include in the title is relevant keywords. They are the words that encapsulate the essay’s essence in them. Search for keywords related to the subject of your essay online, and build the title from them. Adjectives help make titles expressive as well. As a beginner, try writing up to ten titles and finally select the one that’s the briefest and the most relevant to the content of your essay.

Write It as a Title – Not a Sentence

A title is distinctly identifiable from a sentence. The difference between other sentences that make part of your essay and the title is of styling, tone, and punctuation. Keep your title bold and don’t put a full-stop at its end.

Have Your Title Reviewed by Your Teacher If Possible

If you can, get the title checked by the teacher before starting to write the essay. If you miss out this important step, the teacher might later disapprove of the title page for essay that you’ve made. Since he/she will evaluate the essay, his/her approval of the topic is imperative.

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