How to Write a Book Review – Things to Consider

June 14, 2019

A good review makes the readers aware of the purpose of the book, the scope of the discussion of the subject along with limitations, and the extent to which the author managed to achieve the intended goals. Pay attention to the style and tone of language used in the book, and assess the credibility and reliability of the information shared therein.

This is a very informative guide for people who don’t know how to write a book review. As you start to write the review, form your opinion about the book, and compose a good thesis statement based on that. Support your thesis with evidence and points from the book. The review of a book is written like a report, so you have to keep formal in your tone generally. Nevertheless, since it’s a kind of reflection report as well, you can do commentary and hence, get a room for conversational speech as well.

What Is a Book Review – A Look into the Concept

As the name suggests, it is a critical evaluation of a book. Here, ‘review’ is used as an umbrella term to cover a lot of things, including a summary of the book, information about the author, and elaboration of the target audience. In addition to that, you need to share the book’s purpose and goals and the strategies used by the author to achieve them. Now that you know what is a book review let us share some tips you can use to write an excellent review.

Start over by paying attention to the title and think what it suggests. Carefully read the introduction or preface. It contains useful information about the book’s scope and its purpose. Watch out for limitations and possible aspects of the subject that have been overlooked by the author. You can get a fair idea of the organization of the book from the table of contents. See how the main ideas have been developed chapter by chapter.

How to Review a Book – Excellent Tips for Beginners

You will already have collected information to discuss in the review of the book by simply concentrating upon these details. Now comes the stage of reading the whole book. As you do that, take care of the following points to write the review like an expertwriter:

  • Assess the book’s genre.
  • Evaluate the author’s point of view.
  • Ask yourself if you agree or disagree with the stance of the author.
  • Copy paste important passages from the book that you’ll later quote in the review.
  • Check if the author stays focused on the thesis.
  • Pay attention to the style of writing. See if it’s formal or informal and whether it’s suitable for the targeted readers.
  • While writing your book review, find out whether the author has defined the concepts well enough and whether the language used is convincing enough.
  • Assess the reliability and accuracy of the information given in the book.
  • See if the author has used illustrations and find out their suitability to the content covered in the book.

Finally, ask yourself whether the author managed to accomplish what he/she had originally intended. If possible, draw a comparison between the work of the author on this book and his/her other books. If you have read other books on this subject by other authors, compare this book to them as well. As a reviewer, this will demonstrate your research on the subject and provide evidence for your good readership of the books.

What’s the Right Book Review Format?

As you write the review, it’s important to follow the correct book review format. Like every report, it has a defined introduction, body, and conclusion. Share the background information in the introduction section and end it with the thesis statement. Delve into the discussion at length in the body, and finally, conclude the paper with your final opinion of the work.

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