How to Write a Classification Division Essay

July 15, 2019

Before writing an essay, most students brainstorm and come up with several ideas they would like to explore. They go a step further to create an outline which helps them write an essay fast. The process of writing a classification division essay is a little different. Here is everything you need to know about writing such a unique essay.

What is a Classification and Division Essay?

A division classification essay is a form of rhetorical writing that takes one main idea and splits it into parts which are further categorized and explained individually. While writing this essay, one must use two different techniques. The first is a division of a complex idea into subtopics. The second is identifying information for each subtopic.

Clarity is vital when writing this essay. The reader must understand how you divided your topic and the relevance of information under each subtopic. To achieve such clarity, a strong thesis statement is a must have.

Structuring a Division and Classification Essay

At Expertwriter, we use the right structure for your essay. An essay that requires classification will have the following structure:

  • Introduction – carries the thesis statement which directs the entire essay. It provides the background, a transition, and the thesis. The number of subtopics enumerated in the thesis dictates the number of body paragraphs the essay should have.
  • Body paragraphs – each paragraph will explain more about a single subtopic. It should be clear to the reader which subtopic you are addressing from the beginning of the paragraph. The TEEL paragraph structure is recommended. Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence, has an explanation, has evidence supporting the main argument and a conclusion that links all these bits together.
  • Conclusion – a good conclusion reinforces the information provided throughout the essay.

When you write the division classification essay, you aim to help your reader understand a complex topic by breaking it down and then explaining each subtopic. How do you do this?

  • Choose the right topic – it must be broad enough to be subdivided into several categories but not so broad that you are overwhelmed with the amount of information you should relay.
  • Break down the topic – choose one that holds your interest and divide it into several manageable subtopics
  • Be clear about the principle of classification – what do your subtopics have in common? Take the time to explain to your reader why you have divided the complex topic using a certain principal.
  • Ensure each subtopic is distinct – your reader should be able to identify each subtopic correctly. Any confusion on which divisions you are referring to means that your paper is poorly written.
  • Ensure your subtopics support your thesis – A thesis statement sets the tone for the entire paper. It summarizes for the reader the paper’s main argument. For such essays, your thesis must bring together all the subtopics and relate them to the main topic to give a sense of what your paper is about.

Classification and Division Essay Topics

Bearing in mind the qualities of functional classification and division essay topics, here are a few ideas you may use for inspiration:

  • Types of friends based on their start sign
  • Types of accommodation for students living on a budget
  • Types of traveling destinations
  • Sources of alternative energy
  • Types of dinosaurs
  • Popular cat species
  • Types of islands
  • Dance styles in pop culture
  • Nature of conflict at the workplace
  • Types of business investors
  • Types of leaders
  • A look at fad diets in the 21st century
  • Types of daily skin routines

All of these division classification essay topics touch on different spheres of life. From arts and social science to technology, business to leisure, and many more. Choose a topic that catches your attention and use our guide to come up with a quality paper.

What is a classification and division essay? Students who are unable to understand the essence of these papers come to us for help. Contact us and get access to a team of qualified writers ready to work on your division and classification essay right away.

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