How to Write an Exemplification Essay That Will Give You A+ Grade

June 14, 2019

Have you been asked by your teacher to submit an exemplification essay and have no clue how to write it or which is the ideal topic? Lack of writing confidence, time constraint, and inability to understand the question are some of the top reasons that cause students to submit their assignments late. At any point in your school life, your teacher will want you to submit an exemplary paper on time. Missing a deadline will result in you getting a low grade or your assignment getting rejected.

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What is an Exemplification Essay and Examples of Good Topics?

You’ve probably written many essays, but when it comes to an exemplification task, you end up having writer’s block. For students who are tackling this assignment for the first time, it is common to ask, “what is an exemplification essay, and how do I write it?” An exemplification task is a type of argumentative essay that is written to prove a point. Applicable examples have to be used to persuade the reader that the presented argument is logical and convincing.

While in argumentative, you have to provide the positive and negative argument of both parts, in exemplification, you have to provide specific examples to support your point. Furthermore, the points you pick for each paragraph have to demonstrate your thesis statement.

The trick to writing a top-scoring exemplification paper is to use enough specific examples to get your point across. Each illustration should appeal to the reader and help them to understand better the message your main points are conveying. Besides, having various exemplification essay topics will enable you to choose an idea that has pros and cons as well as that which has enough research to back up your arguments.

Remember to add each example on its paragraph and use the introduction as a road map for your task. End your introduction with a thesis statement and add an engaging or funny story. The anecdote works to captivate the attention of the reader and encourage them to keep reading until the last sentence.

Good Examples of exemplification essay ideas

To write a high-quality exemplification assignment, you have to choose a unique topic. With a unique angle, you can select a few examples and expand each on its paragraph or use several similar illustrations and group them into one section. Whichever method you opt for, it should help you bring your main points in a clear manner.

The right topic to write on can come from different sources, but it must enable you to argue two sides and convince the reader that your point is valid. One of the best ways to get exemplification essay ideas is to ask yourself what is the purpose of the essay. With a good topic in mind, you can then pick out a variety of sources from which to draw your examples. Here are some of the best topic examples for an exemplary essay.

  • Should religion be a compulsory subject in high school?
  • Is eating organic food the way to reduce obesity of a child?
  • Does being a vegan save any animals?
  • Are click baits on social media promoting high-end products?
  • Is it possible to become successful without higher education?
  • Should transgender inclusion be taught as a lesson in schools?
  • Is immigration detrimental to the economy?
  • Does owning a gun at home make people feel safe?

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