How to Write a Killer Human Rights Essay

July 15, 2019

Nothing creates anxiety in anyone like coming up with an outstanding essay. Everyone wants to get it right, whether you are writing for school or university research. You might be stuck and do not know how to write a fantastic essay yet it is almost due and you need it fast. Writing a human rights essay may at first look like a complicated task, but with a few tips to guide you through it will no longer be tough.

Human rights are considered inherent to all human beings. It is, therefore, a broad subject dealing with fundamental rights and freedoms such as the right to life, right to an education and freedom of worship.

Guidelines for Writing Human Rights Thematic Essay

  • Select a topic you want to focus on

The first step to writing your essay is picking a thesis on human rights that interests you most. Since human rights encompass a wide variety of information, you have to narrow down to one specific area so that you adequately exhaust it as you write your human rights thematic essay. For example, you would choose to work on disability rights or gender rights or even press freedom.

  • Do adequate research on the topic you have chosen

Research is critical in any piece of writing. It allows you to get a lot of relevant information about the item you are working on. Human rights and freedoms is a broadly discussed subject; therefore, getting your hands on knowledge about it will be quite simple. With proper research, it would be simple for you to back up your work with facts comfortably.

The internet makes research less tiring. You can easily find scholarly articles, journals, and papers. It is important to note that some sites are more reliable than others. For instance, it would be better to use an academic journal published by a university such as Harvard as compared to using Wikipedia. You are not limited to the internet, though. Visit your nearest library and see what you can find there. After you have gathered enough material, then you can get down to putting down your short essay on human rights.

  • Come up with an outline

An overview is crucial as it helps you put your thoughts together. It contains the basic structure of your essay. Remember, it is essential to draft a thesis statement and research questions for your article. The argument in your essay is meant to answer the research questions you have developed.

The basic structure of your article comprises:

  • The title
  • Introduction – contains the research questions, thesis statement and brief details of what your essay entails
  • The main body – consists of several paragraphs where you expound more on your topic.
  • Conclusion- is only a few lines and sums up your piece of writing. Make it convincing.
  • References
  • Writing down the actual essay

Now that you have done your research and developed an outline, it is time to write your essay. Use short, simple, and grammatically correct sentences so that they can be easily understood. Find synonyms to words you have overused. Do not repeat information you have already stated. Use sub-headings in your essay. Argue your points out strongly and back them up with facts. Also, use good examples so that you bring the point home. Be creative with your words.

  • Proofread your essay

Proofreading is the last step that completes your essay writing journey. Having put down your work, it is crucial that you proofread it to ensure there are minimal errors. Check for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, punctuation errors, and even repetition. You can ask a senior student or colleague to go through your work and help you make necessary revisions so that you do not miss anything.

Human Rights Violation Essays

Now you might be wondering how to write your human rights violation essay or worried that it might not be as outstanding as you want it to be. A human violation includes a wide variety of information including imprisonment without trial, prejudices such as sexism, racism and nepotism, slavery, assassinations, deliberate starvation, and much more.

Human rights violations thematic essay may also sometimes seem difficult to work on. That, however, should be no reason for you to get worried. Writing a human rights violations essay is just like writing any other piece as illustrated in the guideline above.

Human Rights Essay Topics

We have discussed that human rights encompass a broad range of information. You might, therefore, be having trouble settling for a specific topic. Here are various human rights essay topics you can choose from:

  • Labor rights
  • Transgender rights in the world
  • State of Children’s right
  • Domestic violence and women’s right
  • Rights and freedoms domestic workers should enjoy
  • Linking development and the freedom to information
  • Slavery in the contemporary world

Given that human rights are in continuous development ensure that the information on your paper is valid and all the references you have cited are up to date. Having followed the guidelines provided and given it your best, you can be sure that your essay is worth the read.

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