Can Essay Be Written in First Person? Yes, It Absolutely Can

July 10, 2019

First person essays elaborate on the experiences of the writer. They are written in a way that the readers can feel the details as if they are experiencing them personally. First person essays discuss how the writers’ experiences influenced their thought process and educated them. It’s like taking the readers…

How to Write an Exemplification Essay That Will Give You A+ Grade

June 14, 2019

Have you been asked by your teacher to submit an exemplification essay and have no clue how to write it or which is the ideal topic? Lack of writing confidence, time constraint, and inability to understand the question are some of the top reasons that cause students to submit their…

How to Write a Book Review – Things to Consider

June 14, 2019

A good review makes the readers aware of the purpose of the book, the scope of the discussion of the subject along with limitations, and the extent to which the author managed to achieve the intended goals. Pay attention to the style and tone of language used in the book,…

Best Tips for Writing an Essay Plan

June 12, 2019

Planning an essay is the first step in the process of writing it. Making it before starting to write the actual full-length essay is recommendable. It helps you stay focused on the thesis and proceed in the right direction as you begin the process of writing. To create an effective…

Tips on How to Write a History Essay

June 10, 2019

As a college student who is majoring in history, you will submit various essays based on different topics. However, to continuously craft excellent academic papers from scratch and which are worthy of a high score, you must know to write a history essay. A history assignment is fascinating as it…

How Long is a Dissertation for Postgraduate Candidates?

June 10, 2019

Do you want to know the average length of a dissertation so that you can plan your time wisely? A dissertation is one of the longest academic papers that a postgraduate will have to submit before they can graduate. Besides, writing a high-scoring dissertation requires a student to carry out…

Essay Introduction Help from Proficient Writers

June 10, 2019

We live in a world where lecturers have to grade so many papers. Which means that when they evaluate your essay, the first opening sentence has to make a lasting first impression. Submit a paper with a boring, error-filled, and vague introduction, and your teacher is likely to have trouble…

Cause and Effect Essay Topics That Will Help You Write a Winning Paper

June 10, 2019

While you will write many papers in college, a cause and effect essay is one of those which is straight forward. For this type of paper, you will need to write a cause (explain why something or an event occurred) and analyze the results of an event, situation, or choice….

How to Write a College Admission Essay? A Quick Insight

June 10, 2019

A college application essay is very important because it breathes life into the whole application. Therefore, it is important to write it in a way that it truly captures the gist of your persona. It should explain your self-identity apart from your test scores and grades. Don’t be worried about…

How to Come Up with the Best Essay Title

June 10, 2019

A title is a very important short sentence. A strong title can improve the readership of your essay, manifolds. Likewise, a weak title doesn’t capture the interest of the audience enough to make them think about reading the essay. This is a detailed guide on making a good essay title….

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