Tips on How to Write a History Essay

June 10, 2019

As a college student who is majoring in history, you will submit various essays based on different topics. However, to continuously craft excellent academic papers from scratch and which are worthy of a high score, you must know to write a history essay. A history assignment is fascinating as it is based on explaining details from unique historical events or past eras. Therefore, the topic that you will write about will not only teach you a thing or two but will also work to showcase your in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Do you know how to write a history essay and which structure to follow? Just like any other school assignment, history tasks follow the standard structure of an engaging introduction, a body that further supports your main topic and a concluding paragraph.

How to Start a History Essay from Scratch

It is impossible to write a great history paper without a plan. To create a unique strategy, you must first give thought to the topic and use it to answer the what, why, and how questions that the reader might have. You also need to read the question or problem and come up with a clear response. The given task which can be whether you agree or disagree with the issue or a form of analysis will help you formulate a draft which you will use to complete your essay within the specified timeframe. Here are some tips to use when you need to start your essay from scratch.

  • Formulate a plan

A well-written plan will pinpoint precisely where each topic sentence will be used on which paragraph and will also prevent you from deviating from the main topic.  After coming up with a well-written plan, the next step is to do extensive research.

  • Know the right citation to use

Before you can start writing a history essay, you need to know which sources you are going to use and which style. This is because while you may have gathered your information from different credible sources such as book, journals or newspapers, you need to know how to cite them in the correct style be it MLA or APA. Referencing works to acknowledge other authors work, gives authority to your work, and provides insight into your research.

  • Ask for help

If during your research, you encounter information that you do not understand or you feel like you can barely approach the question then using samples from our reputable writing service can help you better understand the topic. The examples will also act as a form of a template on how to start a history essay and what to include in terms of structure and evidence.

Excellent History Essay Topics for All Students

While there are many history topics to choose from, a great one will bring your essay to life. While in some cases, your teacher may assign you a topic, you may have the freedom to choose your own based on an exciting concept. The trick to selecting a good theme is to brainstorm for ideas and pick a topic with adequate information.

Make sure that you pick out an issue that will make it easier to create a thesis statement and that which will convey a mastery of historical understanding. The sources to use should enable you to craft an argument and not a summary. Besides, instead of reporting other people’s interpretation, your essay should show your analysis of the subject matter.

Some history essay topics include how Friedrich Hennemann is to blame for the bankruptcy of the Vulkan Werft, the role of Sophie Scholl during 1930s and 1940s or to what extent was Palmyra important in the Roman Empire. You can also consider topics based on religion, a specific era, or a geographical location. Whichever theme you opt for make sure you avoid using indecisive language or generalizing facts.

History has so many facts that you need to grasp, which can make crafting a paper from scratch quite challenging. Coming up with your topic is another hurdle that a student can face. However, when given any history paper, you do not need to get stressed as our expertwriter can help. Place your order now and receive an A+ grade essay.

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