What Is a Visual Essay?

July 15, 2019

A visual essay is just like any other that aims to convey a particular message. However, when it comes to visual articles, photos, or pictures are used alongside short text rather than continuous texts as in other essays. These essays are not limited to just images and therefore may include other elements such as videos, sound effects, spoken word or music.

Visual essay ideas are not limited to a specific subject. They, therefore, can address socio-economic or political aspects. The optical element ought to form the basis of your essay rather than be an illustration or an example. Now that we have answered the question of “what is a visual essay,” we can get to learn how to write an outstanding one.

How to Create an Excellent Visual Essay

The average length of a visual piece is about 6 to 12 pages, containing approximately 10 to12 photos and accompanied by about 500 words. Keep in mind that the optical element portrays the main argument in the essay. As a result, you need to select images relevant to your subject carefully while writing the following types of essays:

  • Visual analysis essay

This kind of essay evaluates a particular theme. You, therefore, break down a topic and probe and interpret it.

  • Visual argument essay

Here, visual elements are used to support a specific claim. Consequently, it requires you to take a stand of what you are discussing, argue it out, and prove your point.

  • Visual rhetoric essay

Rhetoric is a writing skill often used for persuasion. This kind of essay, therefore, usually uses visual elements to have a powerful effect on the reader.

There is generally no strict structure to be followed when writing a visual paper. It would be advisable, however, to structure it just like any other essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Guidelines to Follow When Creating Your Essay

  • Choose a topic

This is always the starting point of any piece of writing. Choosing an item, you are passionate about is better than picking the one you know nothing about.

  • Do research

Adequate research has to be done. This is to give you all the information you need to know and familiarize you with the facts about the topic you have chosen. Also, find images pertinent to the subject you are writing about.

  • Create an outline

Now that you have your images and are through with your research, it is essential that you put together an outline. An outline acts as a road map for you when writing your essay and thus helps you to keep track of what you are writing. It should contain:

  • Title – in a few words, clarify what your essay is about.
  • Introduction – Gives a brief prelude of what is in your article. Your first image, therefore, needs to tell the reader what your topic is and draw their attention.
  • The body – Arrangement of your pictures to tell your story or present your argument. What types of images are you going to use? How effectively do they put the message across?
  • The conclusion – Brings your essay to an end. The final visual element.
  • Write the essay

Now that you have done your research and gathered your images, it is time to write down your essay. Engage your reader. Use catchy phrases that capture the emotion of your reader. Bring your point home. You can check your short bit of text for errors. If it is necessary, you can also use graphical aids. Add quotes if you wish to. Remember to keep them relevant to your visual elements, though. Humor would also be a great writing technique to employ.

Visual Essay Topics

The topic is the general subject of what is contained in your articles. Sometimes it might be challenging to settle on one topic or come up with one that is not ambiguous or too wordy. Here are sample visual essay topics you can work with.

  • Why don’t we care about the destruction of our forests?
  • Art and the Italian Renaissance
  • The war on alcohol and substance abuse
  • A photographic essay on the Pyramids of Giza
  • Everyday life in Iran
  • Industrial development in war-stricken states
  • The fight for gender equity
  • Life as a miner for a day
  • The story of Adolf Hitler

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