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Narrative essays are usually the most preferred by students. This is because they appeal to their personal experiences. This does not mean that they are very easy to write. There are some important rules that students need to follow in order to ascertain a good quality of narrative essay.

In this text, we highlight some of the basics that students need to follow when writing these essays.

But First, What Is A Narrative Essay?

In order to answer the question of what is a narrative essay, we have to break down the term. The word narrative comes from narrating which means giving an account of something. We already know that an essay is a short piece of writing on a subject. This should mean that narrative essays are written an account of something. A personal narrative essay can be defined as a written account of events from a person’s point of view. Narrative essays give writers the freedom to express their likes, dislikes, opinions and even beliefs. This freedom also comes with some responsibility on the student’s part.

Some Essential Basics on How to Write a Narrative Essay

Knowing how to write a narrative essay properly will go a long way in improving a student’s self-expression. Therefore, we have provided some of the dos and don’ts that student should take into consideration when preparing and writing narrative essays.

  • Select a good topic. The topic is what will determine how invested the reader will be in your Going through some narrative essay ideas will help guide you in selecting the best topic for you.
  • Write in the first This is the best way to ensure that you capture and maintain the attention of the reader.
  • The rule is a ‘show, do not tell’. When writing a narrative essay, a student should provide vivid descriptions for the scenery and the events of their story. Try to appeal to the senses of the reader.

After taking the points above into deep consideration, you should also pay attention to the structure of narrative essays.

First is by learning how to start a narrative essay properly. Narrative essays should start with enticing hooks that capture the reader’s attention. The narrative essay format is the format of any story where you provide the setting, the characters, the plot, the outcome, and a good ending. After this, provide the setting of the story and introduce the characters in the introduction. The body will then contain all the events that occurred in a logical order. Persuasive language can be used as well. The conclusion should then sum up the whole essay giving lessons and morals learned.

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